Food Brings Us Together

Food is an integral part of our roots. We believe food is everything because you give it and share it and you make it with love. 

Feasts from the Middle East is a brand new catering company from Tony Kitous, owner of Comptoir Libanais, KenzaShawa and Yalla Yalla

Our Founder

I love food and I love entertaining so combining two of my favourite passions to create our new catering company has been really exciting. My dream has always been to see everyone enjoying Middle Eastern food as we do back home, where our warm hospitality goes hand in hand with a generous spirit.

Our food is colourful, full of flavour from scented spices and fragrant herbs, and rich with traditions thanks to our authentic recipes from all over the Middle East. With a selection of mezzes to start, to platters of roasted meat, fish, vegetables and rice, and ending with sweet crisp pastries and cheesecake, the dishes are a treat for everyone.

Our aim is to provide the very best experience, so that you can enjoy it as much as we’ve had the pleasure of helping you.’

Sahtein! (‘Enjoy your food!’)